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Quality Policy

Our company is in all production activities, we develop quality management at the company level into customer-oriented quality activities and implement quality organizations, quality policies and quality objectives to efficiently manage quality

Quality Organization

A quality committee is headed by management and including the quality manager, company managers. It is the committee’s role to clearly show the results in terms of quality so that the entire company is involved in the improvement of results.

Quality Policy

Quality Target

Major inspection equipment

Current status of measuring instruments

3D Measuring Machine (ZEISS)

X = 700 mm
Y = 700, 1000 mm
Z = 600 mm

  • Active scanning with VAST XT gold
  • Probes: 500 g/ 500 mm and minimal sphere diameter of 0.5 mm
  • CONTURA G2 aktiv: MPEe = 1.8 + L/300
  • CONTURA G2 navigator: MPEe = 1.5 + L/333
  • MPEthp = 2.5(3.5), 68s

2D Measuring Machine

  • 300/600/900 mm
  • Resolution 0.5 µm
  • Maximum Error
  • 1.4 + (L / 400) µm
  • Repeatability 0.5 µm
  • Automatic and manual handwheel
  • Color touch screen
  • 2D measurement / statistical processing function
  • Squareness measurement / graphic output
  • Temperature display
  • Excellent precision Excellent ergonomic design, convenient to use.
  • Self-operation realized with built-in rechargeable battery
  • 2 RS232C and 2 USB connectors
Measuring Range mm(in)0-305 (0-12)0-610 (0-24)0-1016 (0-40)
Max. Measuring Range mm(in)0-567 (0-22)0-872 (0-34)0-1278 (0-50)
Resolution µm(in)0.0001 (0.00001)
Indication µm1.4+L (mm) 400µm L=Measurement length (mm)
Floating Method

3D Measuring Machine (AXIOM)

Manual / automatic 3D measuring machine with innovative functions and price

X = 640 mm
Y = 600 mm
Z = 500 mm

Features and Benefits
  • Combined structure allows manual and automatic upgrades
    Strong design that adapts to any environment
  • Preload air bearings improve precision and stability
  • Maintaining optimum accuracy by applying environmental correction system
  • The microelectronic controller with optimal design always maintains accurate position control and measurement stability even during high-speed automatic measurement.
  • Multi-level safety system application
  • Joystick has various functions such as constant speed measurement on each axis, speed adjustment, probe direction selection, and elapsed point designation.
  • Non-contact probe mountable (optional)
  • LED ring light can be mounted (optional)
  • Automatic sensor exchange system can be installed (optional)
  • Laser scanning system can be installed (optional)
Technical Specification
Resolution (mm)0.0005
Accuracy (mm)VDI (U3) 0.029 + L/250 mm
Max. Speed1,000 mm/sec
Measurement systemRenishaw readheads and tape scale
Air pressure4.0 var (60pci), 23L/min (0.8cfm)
Electronic controllerElectronic CNC Drive Controller
Main power200V± 10% Single Phase 50~60 Hz

Hardness Measuring Instrument

  1. Since it is taken only once, there is no significant error in the measurement value due to the state of the top surface of the specimen.
  2. Measurement time is relatively long.
  3. Because large indentation marks are obtained, it is possible to measure uneven hardness values of non-uniform materials.
  4. It is easy to measure hardness in the field with a simple device. (Easy to measure the hardness of casting products)
  5. It is less affected by surface scratches and roughness compared to other hardness tests.
Hardness value display
  • 75: Brinell hardness value
  • HB: Hardness of Brinell
  • W: Ballaterial (tungsten carbide)
  • 10: diameter indenter (10mm)
  • 500: Force applied (test load)-500kg
  • 30: Test load maintenance (30 seconds)

Roundness Measuring Instrument

Mitutoyo RA-116 Round tester


The RA-166 series roundness measuring instrument is a compact, inexpensive and easy-to-use measuring instrument for measuring the geometrical image of parts in the workplace.
In addition, if it provides the excellent data analysis capability that the lab’s roundness measuring instrument should have, it has excellent table rotation.

The RA-116 is a PC-based model that controls all operations through the ROUNDPAK software.

  1. ± 1000µm wide-range detector
  2. Recalculation function
  3. Help function for centering and leveling reduces work-piece installation time
  4. A DAT (Digital Adjustment Table) mechanism is provided. The rotating table displays centering and leveling adjustments, making it difficult for beginners to perform difficult and demanding tasks.
Table of Specification
Centering methodDigital DAT method
TurntableDegree of rotation(0.07 + 6H / 1000) ㎛ H = Measurement height (mm)
Rotation speed6rpm
Table diameterΦ150mm
Centering adjustment range± 3mm
Leveling adjustment range± 1˚
Maximum probing diameterΦ280mm
Maximum workpiece diameterΦ440mm
Maximum workpiece weight20Kg
Up and down drivingTransport distance280mm
Maximum Probing Diameter (OD)280mm
Maximum Probing Diameter (ID)280mm
Maximum probing depth100mm Standard stylus (12AAB681)
Horizontal armTransfer distance165mm (including 25mm through the center of the table)
displayBack light LCD
Air supplyAir pressure390kPa (4Kgf / ㎠)
Air consumption45ℓ / min
DetectorMeasuring range± 1000㎛
Measuring force70to 100mN
Standard stylusCarbide ball Φ1.6mm
Data analysis itemsRoundness, concentricity, coaxiality, circumferential runout, squareness,
Thickness deviation, flatness, parallelism, power spectrum chart
Gear value analysis, harmonic analysis (* RA-116 / 116D)
Electronic bodyMeasurement score7200 points / per revolution
Power supply100V AC-240V AC,50/60Hz
Power consumption200V AC MAX
Size (WXDXH)480X325X180
Equipment body dimensions (WXDXH)660X415X620
Equipment body weight40Kg
Evaluation methodLSC, MZC, MIC, MCC
Cut-off value15upr,50upr,150upr,500upr

Roundness, Floor Plan Measuring Instrument

  • As a standard machine, it supports language so that it can be used in all countries of the world (10 languages ​​including Korean)
  • Newly developed offset-type detector holder (patent pending) RONDCOM 54DX3 / 8D3 is equipped with a newly developed offset-type detector holder that can measure the workpiece and R-axis without interference. (Patent pending) Easy to use [Flange attachment work], [Measure inner diameter with thickness of outer diameter], [Measurement of heart depth].
  • Auto centering, auto wheeling, auto leveling functionAdjust and correct the deviation between the work axis center and the rotation center of the table in a short time. Full auto measurement is possible in combination with electronic lamp measurement.
  • Next-generation measurement and analysis program (ACCTEE) and manual are both in Korean

Rougnness Measuring Instrument

Touch PanelLCD
PC CardAvailable
SupportsISO, DIN, ASME and CNOMO Standards
Measuring Range X-axis (horizontal)100 mm
Measuring Range Z-axis (vertical)800 micron
Weight88kg (for SURFCOM 480 B-12)

Shape Measuring Instrument

(Shape measuring machine)

Contour standard series
  • Entry-level model
  • High functionality and excellent operability
  • Automatic element determination (AI) function
  • Synthesis function of shape
Measuring range
  • Z axis (longitudinal) 50mm
  • X axis (transverse) 100mm / 200mm
FormCONTOURECORD 1600GH (Language: 10 languages ​​including Korean)
Measuring rangeZ axis (longitudinal)50 mm
X axis (transverse direction)100mm (200mm on -22 system)
Measurement accuracyZ-axis indication accuracy± (1.8 + | 2H | / 100) ㎛ (H: Measurement height mm)
Measurement resolution0.1㎛ / 50mm range
X axis indication accuracy± (1.0 + 2L / 100) ㎛ L = Measurement length (mm)
Measurement resolution0.04㎛
Straightness1㎛ / 100mm
Sensing methodZ axis (longitudinal)Differential transformer
X axis (transverse direction)Moareho scale
recordBell magnification0.01 ~ 10,000,000 times (random, automatic price)
Lateral magnification0.01 ~ 10,000,000 times (random, automatic price)
speedColumn up and down speed (Z axis)10mm / s
Measurement speed (X axis)0.03,0.06,0.15,0.3,0.6,1.5,3,6mm / s
Minimum measured pitch1㎛
Maximum measuring score100,000 points (maximum 10 shapes)
Stylus radius0.025mmR
Measuring force30mN or less
Measurement sending directionPulling / Pressing / Bidirectional
Measurement postureUp, down, both directions
Operation processing functionPoint, straight line, circle, partial circle, ellipse, maximum point / minimum point, distance, coordinate difference, polar coordinate difference, Cartesian / polar coordinate difference display
Intersecting elements (point-straight, straight-straight, circle-straight, circle-circle, straight-ellipse)
Target elements (point-point, point-circle, point-ellipse, straight-straight, circle-circle, circle-ellipse, ellipse-ellipse)
Coordinate control (origin setting, X axis setting, parallel movement, rotation movement), area calculation, over pin calculation, dimension line display function
Calculation result design value combination, mirror reversal, shape synthesis function, macro function, automatic element determination, calculation point repeat function, workless function
Peak & Valley function, automatic operation log / playback function, geometric design value combination, best fit, design value creation function, IGES / DXF conversion function
SpecificationspowerAC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption380VA
Installation dimensions1850 (W) × 800 (D) × 750 (H) mm


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