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How We Do

We have designed and manufactured from precision tools to automated units and
machine tools, and delivered them to the many leading companies with a sustainable development ability and competitiveness. Especially our parts division is specialized in producing various parts for air conditioners, refrigerators and cars.

Ref. & AC. Compressor Parts

Since its establishment in 1991, SINCEWIN has been supplying parts of refrigerators and air conditioners (Rotary Compressors, Scroll Compressors) to leading companies like LG, using its machine manufacturing technology and processing technology.

Automotive Parts

We supply automotive engine parts for difficult-to-cut processes through know-how of accumulated processing technology of parts processing technology of refrigerators, air conditioners (Rotary Compressors, Scroll Compressors).

FA System

SINCEWIN’s automation machinery manufacturing division is a department that professionally researches and develops and manufactures processing technology and automation systems to meet customers’ cost, quallity, and delivery requirements.

H2 Division

Hydrogen Sensor Chip & Module, Monitoring System and
Inspection Device for Production

  • For FCEV
  • For Hydrogen Chargin Station

Manufacture by Location

Our factories are located in two different area, S. Korea and Thailand