2018 Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Awards Ceremony

[22th] At the Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Awards hosted by the Gyeongnam Regional Small and Medium Business Administration

Cho Hyung-wook, Executive Vice President of Shinswin Co., Ltd. was awarded the Excellent Long-Term Job Award.

With 23 years of service at Shinswin, we have achieved competitiveness through constant innovation and improvement activities.

We participated in the government project three times and successfully performed business.

In addition, we made great efforts to foster junior rearing, and also contributed to the establishment of the internal system by passing the know-how while serving as the OJT field professor at the work learning parallel system.

Again, congratulations on the award .. ^^

Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Awards

SinceWin Cho Hyung-wook, Executive Vice President Long-term Employee

Congratulatory Remarks by Governor of Gyeongnam Province

27th Anniversary Sports Event

In October, a refreshing autumn breeze and a clear autumn sky celebrated the 27th anniversary of Shinswin Co., Ltd.

In order to strengthen the unity and unity of the Sinswin family, we held a united sports event. After a long absence from the company, I had a pleasant day with one heart.

Part 1 was conducted at the indoor gymnasium in cooperation with the Korea Polytechnic University, an industry-academy cooperation university.

대학인 한국폴리텍Ⅶ대학의 협조를 받아 실내체육관에서 실시하였습니다.

Field trip to Korea Polytechnic University

The second event had a group dinner and had a delicious meal.

We had a cake-cut ceremony in the restaurant.